Monday, May 10, 2010

And Not A Minute Spent To Think That We'd Regret...

A shout out must first be made to Alisa and Rachel. It was so nice to hang out with my darlings tonight. Not that I don't love the rest of you, but there is just something about your girls from high school, ya know? They've always got your back and they get you. I love not having to explain myself to someone. So to A and R, thank you!! You are just what I needed this week. And thanks to Brianna for reminding me that I have a blog haha. I am back in business.
Something has been grating on my nerves lately and it must be brought up. Why must everything in the world be fake!? Now I will admit, some fake things I really enjoy. Anyone who has talked to me in the last week knows that I LOVED my spray on tan. Other fake things I enjoy are knock off designer clothing, fake engagement rings, and white Michael Jackson (though I loved him when he was black too). But lately I feel the imitations are getting out of hand. We have created such a fake world these days it is difficult and nearly impossible to tell what is real. Give me almost anything these days and I could tell you something that is a fake replacement for it. Usually these fake things start out as something little and then escalate into something bigger. I will explain by using something that used to be one of my favorite topics... food.
In the beginning of time, people ate what was on the land. We were nomadic scavengers. We got a little smarter and domesticated some animals and plants and finally we could set up a permanent residence. We realized how much work this took, so we looked for a way to simplify and make things a little easier. Lets skip most of this history lesson and get to the point. Today, how many people know what real food is? I personally eat way more freezer meals a week then I would ever want to admit.
If you were a child growing up today I believe you may not know that meat bought at the store came from an animal. Ask them how sugar and flour are made. Would they even know they are made from plants? This seems ridiculous to some of you, but try to go a week without eating something processed and you will see how impossible it can be. We are so accustomed now to the processed, ready to eat meals that it is no wonder our country is so obese, this is all we know now. I went to the Farmer's Market here last week and someone was selling bananas with the Dole sticker still on them. Seeing how it is April and I live in Virginia, I am pretty sure he didn't grow those and would be willing to wager his name isn't Bob Dole. Could he not grow some lettuce or other plant to bring to the table? Searching for fresh produce in Richmond is a task. There are few places you can buy whole foods and fewer people attempting to grow their own food. We let the artificial things take over so much we almost lose control of what is real.
So I would let you all know, I am sick of the counterfit. I am sick of the world telling women they constantly need to be whatever they are not. I'm sick of society telling me if I have this item or that outfit I will feel good and be happy. I don't understand how anyone can figure out how to live life these days through all the false messages being portrayed. There is so much crap and it is so easy to step in it. ( Sorry if that was an non-ladylike way to say that..) I legitimately don't know what I would do without the guidence of church leaders and things I have studied out myself. I don't know how people can function without it. I get so lost every day in the craziness of the world, that I don't know what else could keep me grounded.
So as I always do, for those who haven't caught on and are tired of reading my mega long posts, I will summarize. I need to beware of those things that are fake. I am going to remember to look for the genuine things and not be afraid to sacrifice for them. I know they will be worth it.