Sunday, April 17, 2011


Because I am SO smart and have finished up my temporary job, I have decided to try my hand at different professions until one of them sticks and I find a new one. Today I have decided to try out the medical field and be a doctor. I know today is Sunday and I shouldn't be working, but hopefully the Big Man upstairs will understand. During my first few hours of my new profession I have discovered a new disease, and have decided to publish in my blog for now until I can submit it into a real medical journal.  I discovered this disease, though not highly contagious, affects a large number of future brides, though age does not seem to play much of a factor. I have decided to call this new disease, Hapanxious Nervexcitis. You all may be wondering how I discovered this new disease and unfortunately, I discoverd it because I have it. (Don't worry, since I'm a doctor I self-diagnosed myself.)

So what is Hapanxious Nervexcitis?

It seems for the past two weeks I no longer attain the ability to sleep through the night because I have been so happy, slightly-anxious-that-everything-is-going-to-go-smoothly, nervous, and excited for the wedding (we'll just shorten the feeling to Hapanxiously Nervited). This plague can cause moodiness, nonsense ramblings, inability to focus, fatigue, extreme hunger and thirst, intestinal distress, and other symptoms not yet discovered.

The onset of this new disease, Hapanxious Nervexcitis, or HN, can begin suddenly during dating and last months until it is properly treated. Treatment plans include Tylenol PM, meditation podcasts, just getting up at 2 am every day and finding meaningless projects to occupy you until someone else wakes up (fortunately for me, my mom never sleeps so I usually don't have to wait too long), counting sheep, getting a glass of water, writing, reading, or JUST GETTING MARRIED ALREADY!

Not all brides will be affected as severely, but all those planning a wedding are highly likely to catch this malicious disease in some degree or another. If you would like to join this clinical study, or the support group, feel free to leave a comment below. As a doctor, I believe my HN is on the way out. I believe in 6 days it should begin to resolve itself, with flare ups only occurring with the onset of pregnancy, buying a home, or finding a new job. I hope all of you will be on the alert for this new disease and warn your friends about this trend. Early warning signs and diagnosis are usually the best way to successfully treat disease.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April is here!

Wow! Can I just say I never thought April would get here? But it is here and I need to get my tail in wedding gear. I lost a week, and since Nate has to work tomorrow, my Mom and I are going to try and find my wedding shoes and accessories (we're getting into crunch time here folks!) So I have been trying to find some pretty hairstyles that I may like for my wedding. N would probably be upset if he knew I was still up since I told him I was going to bed at 9:30, but it's Friday, so I figure I can always sleep in, right?
Well as I was looking for some cute up-do's, I happened to stumble upon these beauty's. Even though laughing pulls on my back and then in turn makes me want to throw up, this was worth it.
The Boar
The Giraffe

The Foxy Lady

I saved this one for last, since I am getting married the day before Easter it seems most appropriate...
The Happy Easter

So, I think I've really made some progress tonight on finding an up-do for our special day. I told N I wanted it to be unique, yet wind resistant, and I believe these fit the bill. I'd also like to take a moment to apologize to you Nadia, I know this blog probably freaked you out, but I had to post them. I have to go to bed now. We'll see if these pictures give me really creepy or really funny dreams tonight, it's a toss up which way it will go.

Oh and do yourself a favor and watch General Conference this weekend. Best two days of television EVER!