Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hoping, Waiting, Wishing

So I was hoping my May blog post would have been the story of Emerson's birth. Clearly that did not happen. So I missed the month of May and decided I would just write a little June update. My nephew Camden predicted I would have the baby on June 1st. With two hours remaining in the day, it is pretty safe to say I don't think it will happen. If it does, then at least I had a quick labor and delivery :)

We are getting very anxious to meet the little one. She seems to be doing well. Still finding ways to squirm all about in the tight space she is residing in. And I am still trying to find joy in the journey every day. This morning Nate and I were just waking up, and I looked down at my belly and talked to Emerson and told her it was okay if she wanted to come today. And we watched as she practiced her breathing, and we could see her little lungs pushing her chest up and down and working like a pro. It is crazy to look down at your belly and see a little person making breathing motions inside.

It reminds me of faith. How we see pieces of things, even when we don't have the full picture. We get moments of these tender mercies, where we feel the love and joy of God. And although we can't see Emerson, we know she is in there. That we will see her. She will be even more wonderful than we have imagined. Holding this tiny little miracle Nate and I made together.

So I wait as patiently as possible. Knowing soon I will see the whole picture, and not just get pieces of the puzzle. We will see if she snores like Nate when she sleeps, if she has her mother's ears or her daddy's eyes. And it will feel complete. This journey we have been on for the past 9 months has come to and end and we will be grateful for the experiences we had. I can't wait to see what other new lessons this baby teaches us. We already love her so much, it will be amazing to have her here to hold in our arms and call her ours. Birthdate - to be announced.