Monday, September 30, 2013

Underoo Mishaps

Well time flies when you are having fun! It has been a crazy 4 months... Emerson is getting so big and I am excited to get some updated stats at the pediatrician's office next week. (Not so excited about the shots... but such is life.)

Motherhood has not been the easiest transition for me though. I doubt myself, and sometimes wonder how I have managed to keep myself and her alive. It seems like all the mamas around me have their stuff together and I feel like I am a hot mess all the time. And it spirals downward from there and I fall into a trap of thinking I am unable to do anything right for my baby or myself.

In fact on Sunday, Nate was being a mad man doing laundry, making dinner, and taking care of virtually everything in the world. I was taking care of the baby. And I tried to not ask him for help because he was super busy, but I had worn a dress with a tricky zipper up the back and wanted to ask him to unzip it for me. But determined to do something on my own and not to bother him, I wiggled and tugged but could not get it off. And that is when I realized the zipper was snagged. I sheepishly slumped down the stairs to Nate to ask for his help. I was feeling pretty ridiculous at this point but kept it together even though I wanted to cry (sleep deprivation makes you cry about everything!). And then we discovered the real issue. The dress got snagged on my underwear! 


It gets better though. This particular dress was tailored to flatter curves. But my new curves were a little too much. Nate stood there tugging as I frantically tried getting it off any way I could. The dress would not budge. The jaws of life were going to need to be called in. Nate had to use all his manly strength to rip my poor underoos out of the zipper, which luckily did not result in an atomic wedgie as I believed it would, and the zipper broke off, freeing me from dressy prison and leaving a nice breeze on my backside from the ginormous hole the ripping left.

And so this blog was to say, thank you to my wonderful husband Nate. Being parents is not easy and we are still adjusting to having three in our family, but we are committed to each other. He is so patient as he takes care of our house, changes loads of diapers, and now has to rescue me from myself...or my newly breezy wardrobe...

Thank you Nate. I know I couldn't do this without you.