Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAY-be I'll Write A May Blog Post?

Get it? MAY-be. And it's May.

I know, it's hard to be this funny.

And yes Ronnie, I'm writing it. I started writing it last night, but I fell asleep. Can you blame me? I have been a busy little bee this month. And I procrastinate sometimes. Thank you for being a good friend and motivating me to write like I promised myself I would!

Here's the skinny on the Eaton family. Nate's parents just left town on Tuesday from visiting us, and we had a great time gallivanting across Virginia sightseeing. I had never been to Natural Bridge, Appomattox Courthouse, or Lynchburg even though I have lived here most of my life. I only apologize to them that it had to be 100 degrees outside and humid. Virginia weather and I have a love/hate relationship. I secretly love the hot, stick summer heat, but it hates me. And it makes me want to pass our as soon as I step outside. Moving to Idaho for four years ruined my native adaptation skills and instead of being able to play outside in the heat all day, I have to constantly find shade and air conditioned buildings.

Besides being busy with all sorts of things, I am feeling much better than I have in months! I can generally walk quickly without getting winded, and can stay awake until 10 pm. Things I have been unable to do for a while now because I have been so fatigued. All I can say is THANK YOU! If I never had another surgery in my life, I think I would get  along just fine!

In another piece of information about my life, I have figured out who the sick-o is who keeps leaving giant spit piles on the stairs up to my apartment. He likes to park illegally in the fire lane because he can't walk 10 extra steps to park in a real parking spot. (I can't fault him for the illegal parking though, I think about doing it myself sometimes..) However, should I see a wad of spit on the stairs on my way into my apartment ever again, I am SO calling someone to have his car towed. And I fill document it. And laugh. And put a sticky note next to the pile of spit and draw a car getting towed and an arrow pointing to his spittle, and say, next time- use the grass. In my head, that made me feel a little better about that.

Today has been a lazy feeling day. I don't feel like thinking. Or like doing much of anything. It makes me glad tomorrow is Friday. And secretly happy that my husband was called to breaking news so I wouldn't have to make dinner. (Even though it would be nice to have him home to join me in my sitting around, enjoying the general splendor of having a night to do nothing.)

It seems in life there is always more work to be done. Every time you finish something on your check list, another thing pops up. Lately I feel like everyone asks me, what do you do in your spare time or after you get home from work. The honest answer is, I don't know when I ever have spare time? And when I get home from work, I am all worked out. I've already been gone from home for 9 hours, and by the time I finish making dinner, my day is done.

I feel satisfied with my life, and content in my heart with all the beautiful blessing the Lord has given me, yet I feel that something is missing. (And all of you can stop thinking of kids right now... that is NOT what I am getting at.) But I feel like there are certain things in my life that I am being prompted to do and change so that God can give me something better. When you pray to ask God to help you realize your short comings, those answers always seem to come quickly! However answers to other questions sometimes take months or years. I've been learning a lot of things about what I need to change in my own character. Flaws that have crept in and habits that have formed that are hindering me from reaching my true potential. So this month I have been trying to recognize those things I could be doing better at (they are in no short supply, to be sure), and to make small changes to accomplish my goals.

Life is sometimes just frustrating in that it goes by on its own pace. That the Lord's timing and will does not always match our own expectations and desires. It's hard to want your life to become this beautiful tapestry and only be able to weave a few strands of thread at a time. I have really seen how the Lord has been placing little threads of beauty in Nate and I's life lately. It's nice to have those moments when you get a glimpse of the masterpiece God is setting up for you. It is truly a tender mercy from God when you have a piece of His understanding and wisdom.

So this month I just have to remind myself, PATIENCE. God is in control. And I know He hears me.