Thursday, September 20, 2012

Puppies Inspired By Puppies

The other day when I was feeling a little bit down, Nate asked me a question I thought was pretty weird. "Do you need to look up pictures of puppies?" (It may have had something to do with a mysterious folder named puppies I left on my desktop a couple weeks back, but no one can be certain.) I rolled my eyes and said no, I did NOT need to google puppies, but today I finally had to give in.

Sometimes when your day looks bleak, or you've had a bad day and nothing seems to make it better, you just have to google puppies. I bring you the cream of the crop mood lifters.

What I did all day today.
What Nate should give into soon.
What I am going to do right now.
The real reason Nate doesn't want a dog. Because he'll have to share his ice-cream.