Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing It Out

In case you have not heard. Nate and I did not win the car. From the one thing they have said to us, it seems like there is some serious backhandedness, but either way they awarded someone else the car. If we had lost because we hadn't tried, it would be one thing, but I exhausted EVERY avenue I could possibly think of. Anger builds up when I think about how I did not want to harass and constantly barrage people around me to vote, but I honestly thought we could win so I went along and did it. Then I just feel silly that I got my hopes up over a silly contest, and it makes me feel worse when I feel like I am not a big enough person to just let it go. But I am letting it go. Right now. Poof. Gone.

Writing it out always helps.

On to bigger and better things, I am now in the Young Women's presidency at church. This means I get to work with all the girls 13-18 at church and help them realize and become the kind of people they want to be. Just like my YW leaders did for me when I was their age (not so long ago)! I can honestly say Annie, one of my YW leaders was such a great source of helping me realize who I was and how I could make good decisions. She made me feel loved and appreciated and I know she contributed in helping me to be who I am today. I think every girl in my class wanted to be just like her!

I hope my Young Women think that about me one day too. I hope I can learn to be the kind of leader who listens, genuinely cares, and really helps to strengthen those around her. It is the strangest thing being put in a leadership position. When you feel responsible for someone else, you instantly grow to love them. Even if they are different from you, or they dislike you, you feel like you would do anything for them. That is how I feel about the young women I work with. Some I barely know, but I feel so protective over them. I just love them to pieces! I think God must really love me and trust me to let me have the privilege to work with them :) I love it!

On that note, I realized I haven't eaten dinner and I am soooo going to bed in an hour and a half. More to blog later....