Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's been a long time

It's been over a year since my last blog post. We have moved to Idaho, we are still a crazy family of four, and I have some explaining to do on why I haven't written. This past year has been the most demanding of my life. Not the hardest, but the most exhausting and challenging. Today is my 28th birthday. We celebrated by running some errands and eating out. Nate had some exciting plans for us, road trip adventures and all, but I was too tired to go very far. In the past week I have had 2-3 hours of sleep every night. In the past year I have probably had about the same most nights. Emmy is smart as a whip, and most days pretty happy and agreeable. She is two though, so that changes in an instant. Everett is darling and smiley, when he isn't screaming his head off. Which he is most of the time. We have taken him to 5 different pediatricians, all of which say nothing is wrong with him. It's really awesome to spends nights rocking a baby who is screaming and writhing in pain most of the night. As he weans more from nursing, he screams more and more because I have nothing else to comfort him. He always wants his mom, and I still hold him a good portion of the day. On my birthday, I could only find one selfish wish popping in my head. Just make this kid stop crying! Yet I also find myself incredibly grateful. Grateful that as far as we know nothing is seriously wrong with our children. They are mostly happy and healthy. I have a sound mind that I haven't snapped yet from the fatigue and screaming I encounter every day. That Nate has a sound job. That we have been able to own two homes before I have even turned 30! I have made friends in Idaho and have been able to survive the frigid 10 degree days this winter has brought. God has blessed us with all the material things we need and many that we want. My family still always has my back and is there for a crying shoulder or a good laugh. Even though there have been big adjustments and hard days, there has been happiness and love and plenty of divine help leading us through. And with that, I know 28 will be grand.