Sunday, March 21, 2010

I know what I know, you know?

I first and foremost want to express gratitude in my blog. For a God that answers my prayers, however silly and insignificant they may seem, to people who act on those kind passing thoughts that cross our minds. Lately the little things that have been weighing me down lately, even as I have really thought about them, have seemed insignificant. I wonder why I am so caught up in these little troubles I have when other people have such bigger issues then me? But all of us have those little moments where we make a mountain out of a molehill. Last week I got to go see the play Wicked for the second time (LA cast was WAY better, but it was still awesome), and I was inspired by it. Elphaba, aka the Wicked Witch for those who have never seen the play, is misunderstood. She does what she thinks is right, and is made out to be a wicked and evil person. We all have decisions to make in life, and regardless of what anyone else thinks, you have to make decisions that are right for you. Even if everyone else will turn their back on you, when you know something for yourself, you must be true to yourself and do it.
So the new lesson being learned lately is, you know what you need to do, so go and do it. I think part of the beauty of life is that our lives here on earth are entirely our own. No one can act for us. We get a chance to create whatever we want to out of our lives. Whether we waste it or live it to the fullest, we get one chance to live here on this earth and this is it. We can't let the fear or disapproval of others stop us from doing what we want to do. Or from doing what we are called to do, if you believe God has a plan for each of us... which I do. Is it scary to go against what everyone else in the world wants/ expects from you? Absolutely. But I have learned recently that even if I am going to be alone in whatever my endeavors are, it is better than settling for mediocracy or someone elses expectations. So I guess my suggestion to anyone reading is best said by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Don't let fear of failure discourage you. Don't let the voice of the critics paralyze you — whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside. YOU are a great power for good."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh yeah thats right... I have a blog!

So I have been slackingon one resolution. But staying pretty constant for the others. I have decided to write in my blog how I want and not try and come up with something cool. Whatever is on my mind... I will write it. Today, we talk about boredom. How I am getting so bored with my job that I am struggling to stay awake on the phone. I know you aren't supposed to write about that on your blog cause they will fire you for that kind of thing these days, but I assume they already know I hate my job for two reasons: 1) I answer a phone all day long 2) I told my boss in my 90 day evaluation I would rather clean the toilets then be in that cursed phone room. So I started a new hobby at work. It is called think of the most random thing possible and then try not to laugh too hard when you think about the time you ripped your shorts open when diving for a football at a high school graduation party. My mom told me I should find something to look forward to each day so I am looking forward to trumping my last funny thought. Which I defintely trumped today again after I told some lady I was going to go streaking outside the hospital because it was so warm outside. But I seriously have been craving something more lately. I am too tired to do much after work, so I feel like I get nothing done. I am trying to get motivated to accomplish something. I am taking Wednesday off next week to have an Erica day. I am undecided what I will do with a day off, but am generally very excited about the idea. I am pretty sure this day will include my long awaited hair cut and color and perhaps a little trip to the store to buy some new makeup. I have not been doing much with myself since I left school, so I have decided that even if there is no one to look hot for, I should still keep myself looking decent haha. We'll see how that goal comes along.
On a sweeter note, I am thinking of hosting a bake sale. I think that little things like these are the small things that can help to make a difference. Any takers on helping me out?
And the last way I am trying to help my community is by participating in the CASA Superhero Run. The proceeds of the 5k go towards child abuse awareness. I am pretty sure my Mom, Dad, Darcie, Brian, and I are going as The Incredibles. I am pretty amped. Pictures to follow. For now... off to bed. I will write something with substance later. Good night.