Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frito Chili Pie And I

Last day of the month! I made dinner, watched Psych, and finished off the rest of the Reese's Ice-Cream. At the Eaton residence we ... and by we I mean Nate... have been packing up in preparation for our move next Friday. As full blown adults we are moving into our first house! That we bought!

We are ready to settle in somewhere a little bigger now that the countdown to baby is down to double digits. Only 89 days left!

Yesterday I had my gestational diabetes screen, and to celebrate the good results, Nate had me finish off the rest of the ice-cream in the freezer. We are trying to clear out our cupboards before we leave because living on the third floor doesn't lend itself to an easy move. If we weren't moving, I doubt we would have ever tried eating this . Scratch that. Nate would eat this any day. But I don't typically make dinners that involve Fritos. It did clear out a few of out cans though, for which I am grateful.

But while I was on the Pioneer Woman's blog, I stumbled across a post about a baby cow!

Essentially the baby cow was too weak and cold, and they took it in for a day to nurse it into health.

How adorable!

And to anyone who is concerned, no we will not be adopting a baby cow anytime soon. I'm still working in the dog thing!

But I did realize that I love animals. And nature. And I can't wait until my baby is old enough to go on a road trip! Once this belly isn't so uncomfortable, I want to go on a vacation!

The set back is, I love going to the middle of nowhere, but I don't know that Nate likes it. So if anyone has some suggestions for a vacation where Nate can still be entertained, but I can fill my days with sitting outside surrounded by nature, let me know.

I know this post is super random, but I knew I needed to write tonight. So to update life in a nutshell. We close on our house next week, Emerson is hatching along, I finally made a registry at Target for the baby, I switched OB docs last week and am glad I did (so far the midwife practice has been AWESOME), and I am in serious need of some sleep. Lets hope life calms down a little before the baby comes so I can try to get my life somewhat together!