Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out Like A Lamb... In Like A Lion

I figure on the last day of the year it may be important to write my blog for the month. I will write something superb in January. I am typing all of this on my i-touch in the guest room at Nate's parents house. Needless to say, the typing is a bit difficult!

Today I bought my wedding dress! It is a huge relief to say the least. I got it for 200 less than what I thought it was going to be and I know there was some serious divine intervention. Anyone who knows me knows I tend to stress a bit. Bless Nate and his learned patience towards me. He has been extra wonderful during the wedding stuff, and makes it go by so much smoother. I love that man!

In traditional style, I will be shouting out this years new resoloution. This upcoming year I have pledged to myself to be less negative. When I am awake tomorrow and have a laptop I will tell you all about it!