Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Cloud Is A Giant Rain Drop Party In The Sky

I realize I missed June, we'll chalk it up to pregnancy brain! So I may have needed 5 minutes to shoot out some emails this morning and caved and let Emerson watch some Baby First TV this morning. It's awesome when you finally become a parent and realize all the things you swore you would never do quickly crumble away.

I will never use TV as a baby sitter.

I will never change my baby in the middle of a restaurant.

I will never give my child sweets just to keep her quiet.

Win some, you lose some, right?

At least "I will never accidentally leave the house in my underwear" was realized before I was about to walk out the door a few days ago. I'd like to leave that one uncrossed.

As luck would have it, Emerson's educational TV program has brought us our thought for the day.

Clouds are not sad. Clouds are happy. They aren't a lonely mass in the sky, they are actually a conglomeration of tons of tiny bits of water vapor/ water droplets. A cloud is like a giant rain drop party in the sky.

Here is my issue with the rain cloud party. I have created what I would like to call a friend cloud. I am so blessed to have lots of little rain drop party goers in my cloud and am grateful for them. However, once the air becomes a little cooler, it reduces air's ability to hold all these little vapor droplets and they all become heavier water droplets waiting for the right conditions to cause it to rain.

Well this pregnancy has created some rain. Back in 2012 BC (before children), life was a hot party. However, life in 2014 AD (after daughter... and soon to be son) has cooled the party off a bit. This cloud is not quite so quick to jump at a fun opportunity for a get together. This has caused some of my sweet little friend water drops to drop right out of my friend cloud.

So how do people with children keep friends? Is it better to just let it rain? How do you tell people you still love them, but by the time you can somehow roll your giant belly out of bed and hopefully put on some pants you feel completely spent for the day? Not to mention you still have an active one year old who takes no pity on you.

I love getting together with friends, but lately everyone has something they want to go do... it is summer fun season for goodness sake! But this Mama is going to have to let some party clouds pass her by. I have decided to start saying no. That it would be nice to hang out, but I just don't have it in me. Next year, when I am NOT pregnant and chasing two kids, I'll be there. But for this little season, it has become time to let it rain if it must.

I hope for all my friends reading this, you will still invite me out sometimes, but don't feel slighted if I just can't put on pants today to come and play. I hope you'll still be part of the rain drop party in the sky.