Monday, October 20, 2014


Today, lots of things are overdue. Writing a blog. Our baby boy. This rant about pregnancy you are about to read. So I am taking care of the two I can control.

Pregnancy is a strange time. In a phrase from Taylor Swift, it's miserable and magical. I know I am super blessed to be able to have children. A lot of people don't or have a hard journey to finally be parents. Yesterday was the day our baby boy was due to come, but like his big sister, he was a no show.

One of the worst things about pregnancy is the things people say to you. To quote some of my favorite questions and comments over the past few weeks:

"You are HUGE!" (Which coincides with the subcategories of: Are you having twins? Are you sure you aren't having twins!? Since when is it ever polite to tell someone they look like they swallowed a bowling ball?).

"They are going to be how far apart? Was this planned?" (Em and her brother will be 16-17 months apart, and do I ask you what goes on behind your closed doors you creeps?)

"Oh, so you are done having kids after this?" (Do people only have more than two kids if they get one baby of each gender? I don't know if we will have more than two, but it's okay to have children if you want to. It's no easy feat, but they are some amazing little people.)

"So when are you having this baby? "(Clearly I don't know when this baby is coming. Would they need to give mothers a due date if they all magically knew the moment their babies would decide to be born?)

"You know what helps induce labor? Have you tried EVERYTHING *hint hint*?" (Once again, do I ask you what you do in the privacy of your own home!? Yeah, we've tried it. Pretty sure that's how we got into this situation in the first place. I'm also pretty sure that a male doctor came up with the science behind that old wives tale because his pregnant wife said NO MORE! And I am happy if walking 15 miles helped you go into labor, but no I'm not doing that either. As with children in general, everyone has their own opinion and what works for them. So while something works well for you, maybe it doesn't work as well for everyone else.)

I know people care, and they just want to be interested in the details of life because they are interested in my well being. But as any pregnant woman knows, I am a little hormonal at the moment, so if we could tone down the ridiculous questions and comments, I'd appreciate it. I may not take phone calls and texts for much longer... but I will be back to myself in a few months, and then I will be happy to accommodate crazy remarks with a polite smile rather than the urge to scream.

We are all very excited to meet our baby boy here in our family, and can't wait to share him with you! So even though he is overdue, some things are worth waiting for!

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  1. Another favorite question: "How much weight have you gained?"
    Uh, what? Is it now acceptable to question people about their weight? It seems like social taboos go out the window when a pregnant woman comes into the room.
    Good luck!